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Posted by on Jul 22, 2015 in Diary, Featured, Travel | 0 comments

Rocky Mountaineer Part 1 – Luxury, I hardly knew you

Rocky Mountaineer Part 1 – Luxury, I hardly knew you

How could I have known the pleasures of the many laps of luxury? That is until I embarked on my voyage with the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to Jasper. Don’t let the promotional material about the train ride fool you. This is much more than a train ride. It’s about the hotels, the train, the food, the spectacular hospitality and the most amazing scenery.


As we trundled through lowlands, wetlands, desert and mountains, the 50 plus passengers in my car, lolled happily, often napping as the train gently swayed through the stunning landscapes. A couple of times a day we were called below to the elegantly appointed dining car where we feasted on food sourced locally and imbibed on locally produced beers and wines. DSC02352

I sampled all of them. And discovered my new favorite brew by Whistler Brewing Company.whiskey jack

Nothing says it better than a crispy fresh Whiskey Jack beer to accompany a delicious lunch of grilled chicken while chugging through the desert.

When we weren’t napping or eating, or enjoying the complimentary bar set up at the front of the car, we were socializing or in the vestibule at the back of our car, There we felt the heat, or the cool, depending on the day, of outside – and we snapped photos of trees, rocks, mountains and sky as we rolled on through them.


The staff on the train were pleasant, efficient and fun. As the hours and days ambled along, we got to know them, joking with them and finding out about who they were. We relaxed, leaning over our seats and standing in the aisles chatting to one another. Just like the train, we were in no hurry to get anywhere. Our role was to sit and enjoy the scenery and the ambience.DSC03261