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Posted by on Jan 12, 2017 in Archives, Diary, Featured, Travel | 0 comments

Anita’s Eye On the Rodeo – Brotherhood: The Hip Hopera

Anita’s Eye On the Rodeo – Brotherhood: The Hip Hopera

Brotherhood: The Hip Hopera is a physical storytelling feat.

b current’s Sébastien Heins fills the West Village Theatre with his energy through the voices of several characters, mainly twin brothers and rap stars Money Pussy and Cash Money. He uses witty, gritty, sometimes crude, sometimes heartbreaking rhyme to tell his story. It revolves around one emotional tragic night that changes Cash Money’s life, but harkens to the family past and his future, often using a backdrop of music from artists of the times to define a Zeitgeist. Fabulous soundtrack.

Heins tackles age-old themes to warn us of the hubris that can come with fame and fortune—and to remind of what is truly important–love, friendship, family, self knowledge and reflection. He takes us on a journey of machismo, loss–and then redemption.

This is a powerful, imaginative and beautifully choreographed and written performance. Heins expresses his different characters through physical changes, like posture and hand movements; and through his voice, using subtle tonal variations and different accents. Very impressive.

I love these one-person shows, so well-honed, brilliantly performed, brutally honest—they wield as much power as a cast of many could.

I highly recommend that you see this show.

P.S. Because of the mature content (read sexually explicit language), it is requested that people under 16 are accompanied by an adult. My 14-year-old nephew, Sage, who likes to rhyme himself, loved the show. You know teens – not that easily impressed. So, this is indeed high praise coming from Sage.