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Posted by on Jan 27, 2017 in Archives, Diary, Featured | 0 comments

Anita’s Eye on the Rodeo — Mouthpiece — Quote Unquote Collective — West Village Theatre

Anita’s Eye on the Rodeo — Mouthpiece — Quote Unquote Collective — West Village Theatre

Artistry, verve and intelligence define this outstanding piece of theatre, created and performed by Nora Sadava and Amy Nostbakken.

Often laugh-out-loud funny, sometimes shrill, occasionally sad, always on the mark, these two supremely talented actors take on the fraught subject of what it means to be female by following the protagonists as they – combined as one character with multiple voices – struggle to find the female voice amidst a barrage of advertisement, media, songs and age-old stereotypes.

It’s truly a stroke of brilliance. The performers have exceptional singing, dancing and acting chops that they blend to tell the compelling story of a mother’s death and what it means to the daughter. It brings out conflicts within the characters and in the broader stories told about women’s lives. Through this performance we examine the multiple roles and the dissonance that confront women as they attempt to navigate their way through their lives with authenticity. It isn’t easy.

But Sadava and Nostbakken make it fun, funny and thought provoking. Their performance is impeccable and their talent soars as their two voices speak as one, as they berate themselves through each other, as they try to make sense of who they and who their mother was – who we all are: complex humans, who defy easy explanation.

You don’t want to miss this show for its originality and ability to keep the audience engrossed, engaged and entertained.